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Chronicles Of An Unknown Lunatic


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Look! A Cupcake! It's Like a Muffin With Frosting!


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This journal is very, very slash friendly. Proceed with caution. If you are ok with this, welcome! If you are not, I wish you well. But I will not permit anyone to come into my lj and insult and berate me and/or my friends for our choices and views. You are more than welcome to disagree and debate with me, in fact, I welcome it, but personal attacks? Unless you can take it as well as you can dish it, I’d advise against it.

But mainly, this journal is just a place in which I squee and pimp whatever tickles my fancy and where I share those findings with a cool and smart group of people.

So welcome and enjoy the ride!!!

Marriage is love.

The O.C moodtheme courtesy of spiffydaze
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Photoshop Brushes journals from where I've acquired my brushes

*Suggestion: Check the individual journals' "Memories" section for easier browsing*

icon_tutorial,icon_extras, icon_help, 100x100_brushes,elli, quebelly and her website Nefarious
oxoniensis, saava, dtissagirl, shagalote, crumblingwalls, serendipitysho, _jems_, sans_espoir, spiffydaze, stumphed, pekeana, crushedviolet, inexorablyhere, milk, savvyfairy, theonewithicons, coaxme, policeloveyou,bentfire, _kali_, dactyliotheca, opalnecklace, goth_clark, kryssibug, ilmare, etoilepb, hanako_lovely, lily_sunshine, luxbella, ___xyourmistake, icons_with_love, disoredericons, fatexsucks, _joni, photoholic62, echac, dreamkeeper77, faytrial, eevee_gurl, halfdreams, red_tavern, callmefreak, deliciousmelody, gryffinwhore, a_fallenstar, kimberly_a, anesthezea, hecatesknickers, jenniepennie, wednesday_icons, sleepall_day, dungbombs, shewaselectric, ____xruinme, __lumos, cyberelf, likegunfire, fuse_graphics, petitevicious, damnskippytoo, dontlickit, brushaxbrusha, strwberrychelly, maggieroofus, calixa, leftofmyheart, neverlandwendy, endlessdeep, chained_angel13, inxsomniax (link to her "Inmsoniac" site below), cosmo_mouse (link to her "Evenstar" site below), oh_pants (visit her website, Braggadocio)

ca_pris has the most beautiful christmas themed brushes!

dtissagirl has a very useful post about brushes, tutorials, fonts and scans here.

teh_indy has several links for resources on her user info page.

ignited has a very comprehensive icon resources post.

Fonts and Brushes resources page here.

red_tavern is another great community for resource.
_kali_ has a resource post Here

Favorite PS Brushes websites:

Insomniac Brushes
Brushed Sleepers (dontlickit's site).

For screencaps, check out these sites/journals:

Melissa's Caps(Various shows)

lexcorp_hope For the latest "Smallville caps. They're then moved to the SV Albums over at Photobucket

oxoniensis For Smallville caps.

For textures, check out these sites

Deviant Art